The class is designed for those who are 50 years plus and to give you an all round workout of cardiovascular exercise, strength training and Pilates (strength, stretch, posture correction).

Beyond 50 classes aim to slow down the aging process on your muscles and bones, regulate your hormones, plus manage or eliminate many of the lifestyle diseases prevalent in our society.

The cardiovascular component of this class could be low impact aerobics, stepping, boxing, tabata or circuit training.

The strength training component of the class is often based on 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions, again adjusted for both the beginner to the most advanced.

The Pilates component is always underlying with everything we do as well as doing Pilates specific exercises.

There is an opportunity to experience some of the basic exercises on the Pilates machines.

These classes are suited to you if you do not have any injuries or certain health conditions.  You will need to do an initial consultation first to determine your suitability for this type of class.

Also if you have no prior exercise or gym experience you will definitely need to attend an initial consultation first to determine how well you can be integrated into this class.