Can I start?

My first class…

Yes bookings are essential must be done via the on-line booking system. You will be shown how to do this at your initial consultation.

Yes. Click here to go to the timetable where you can book your session. When you select the button to do an on-line booking, you will see a more dynamic timetable which can change depending on numbers for classes and the private and semi-private sessions.

Yes you must go through pre-screening. If you start in the wrong service you may have a negative experience and may not be able to continue. You may even injure yourself. We want you to have the best possible experience at the studio. And come back again and again to reach your goals.

Initial consultations, which are a one hour private session, normally happen first unless it is a ‘6 week Pilates mat introductory course’ or you have purchased a ‘Pilates mat new starter pack’.

If you have prior gym experience, once pre-screening is done and you have no injuries or certain health conditions, you should be fine to go straight into a Beyond 50, Group PT or Barre Attack class.

Your injury, pain or medical condition will need to be qualified before you can participate in any class, private or semi-private session at the studio.

Often you will be able to start with Pilates private or semi-private sessions first with a view to moving into a class at a later stage.

Yes and no.

No, if you are commencing with a

  • 6 week Pilates mat introductory course
  • ‘Pilates mat starter pack’
  • ‘Initial consultation’
  • Group PT, Beyond 50 or Barre Attack class but it certainly does help

Yes, if you wish to book into any of the graded Pilates mat classes.

Gift certificates are available from the studio for either a certain value or service.  We can also do special packages for you.

Gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

The studio is located on a 10 acre property at 142 South Boambee Road, Boambee.  There is signage once you are in Middle Boambee.

If travelling south from Coffs Harbour you take the first Sawtell exit and then turn right to Boambee.

If travelling north towards Coffs Harbour, you will turn left at the Boambee Liberty service station.

If coming to the studio at night, all external lights stay on from 5pm until 8.30pm at night outside of daylight savings.  Other times they work on sensors.  Any problems with lighting please report to your instructor promptly.

To view the map, visit the Contact Page by clicking here.

The studio is fully air conditioned and also has fans.

Yes, cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your all classes, private or semi-private sessions or the full fee will be charged.

Cancellations must be done via the on-line booking system.

Normal exercise gear.  The tighter fitting the better especially when having postural assessments done or doing Pilates.  Shorts and tights should be at least to the knees.

If you are using the Pilates machines please do not wear clothing with belts, buttons or zippers.

Please ensure that if wearing shoes into the studio they are clean.  Mud and sand make the floor slippery therefore unsafe, not to mention being unpleasant for people lying on the floor.

Please avoid wearing strong perfumes or deodorants as other clients may be sensitive to the smell, especially in relation to allergies and hayfever.

Please remove all jewellery, especially watches and bracelets before commencing your class or session.

Bring two clean bath towels and gripper socks to all Pilates sessions, Pilates mat classes and Beyond 50 classes.

Group PT and Barre Attack classes require only one towel.

I will have a limited supply of loan socks on hand if you forget.  Just put these worn socks in the laundry basket in the bathroom on your way out.

Gripper socks are available from the studio from $15-18 a pair.

A drink bottle is also important. No glass please.  If you forget there are spare glasses and filtered rain water available in the kitchen.

Parking is available for 6 cars in front of the studio, 2 cars in the disabled car park and 3 more on the shoulder in front of the studio where the road has been widened.

Please obey the road safety signs once on the property.  Speed limit is 20Kph. It is safest to assume someone else is always coming from the other direction so please use the pull-in bay when you are arriving and leaving. Avoid reversing on any part of the roadway (especially coming up hill) if you can and let the other person go around you.

There are eight pigeon holes provided in the studio for your belongings.  If you need more room please ask your instructor.

Make sure you are well hydrated and you should not have eaten a big meal two hours prior to attending.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your session or class as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others.

You must listen to you body.  No matter what services you are participating in at the studio, you must not feel dizzy or nauseous and if so stop!

You can definitely take a break during any class or session and even leave early if you feel you need to.

Just let your instructor know at the beginning of the session or class and they will explain what you need to do before you leave.

If you arrive late for a session or class, make sure you do not join in until you have done an adequate warm-up.  You will still need to finish at the normal time.

Please put your phone on silent or turn off unless there is an emergency and if so please let your instructor know at the start of your session or class.  We want to mimimise disruption to other paying clients in the studio at the same time.

The bathroom is unisex and is divided into three areas – toilet with wash basin, shower and change room and a common area for washing hands, blow drying your hair and doing makeup. 

The lighting and fans are on sensors therefore come on automatically and you won’t find any switches.

There are complimentary toiletries for you to use.  The hand towels are changed on a daily basis.

Please let your instructor know if there are any problems with cleanliness or missing toiletries promptly.

There is a also kitchenette for you to fill up your drink bottle.  Lost property and the first aid kit are also located within the kitchen.

If you are infectious eg colds, flu etc, please do not come to the studio and risk infecting others., especially your instructor.  You will not be charged for your session or class if you are sick.

Unless you can cover it up you should not attend.

Private health fund rebates are available from most of the private health funds provided you have the right type of cover and that they recognise Pilates and personal training services.

Normally they will not pay until you have completed the session, class or pack however lately many have been paying upon issue of the receipt sent to you via email and not waiting for a list of dates of attendance.

Most definitely.  Any of the small apparatus is available for purchase directly from the studio.

The most popular items are kept in stock and the remainder are ordered on demand.

Check out the Merchandise page on my web site which also includes pricing or I have a list including pricing located at the studio.

More info

The best way to contact us would be email the studio owner, Lauren Harper, at as we are often tied up running sessions or classes.

You can also send a message via the contact us form.

However should you ring the studio on (02) 6658 5749 or 0411 022 971 and we do not pick up, please leave a detailed message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.