A Pilates private session is a one hour Pilates session involving one client to one instructor.

A private session commences after an initial consultation.  An initial consultation includes reviewing your goals, a postural assessment, developing your tailored Pilates program and then learning the basics of Pilates.

These sessions generally involve a combination of mat based exercises and the use of the Pilates machines to meet your goals, address any pain or injury and most importantly to address any postural deviations in your body.

You would consider a private session if:

– You require a higher level of supervision from an instructor

– You are just finishing a rehabilitation program with a Physiotherapist or other practitioner

– Your practitioner may wish for you to begin non-impact, gentle exercise in conjunction with treatment you are receiving

– You have a certain health condition or restriction

– It may be your only option if you cannot get on and off the floor to exercise

– The machines provide variable resistance in a workout which can add challenge or provide support

– The Pilates mat class timetable does not suit you

– You like using the machines

– You want the most flexibility when in attending sessions at the studio