Don’t just take our word for it…

Steve Young

Coffs Harbour

Lauren, I just wanted to give you some feedback after attending your one-off Foot Management class. My very immobile big toe joint (resulting from a motor bike accident) has given me less pain and shown greater mobility within 36 hours! I’m now guessing I have nursed it over the years and this has immobilized it more. This class alone has taught me that with continuous gentle massage and exercise, I can have a way better outcome than I ever imagined. Love your work Lauren!

Jean Bain


As a carer to my husband, my time is not always my own.  Pilates and Beyond 50 Strength classes at Coastal Pilates & Fitness has reduced my stress, as well as the tension in my body.  My posture, balance and flexibility has also improved. Emotionally the time spent on these activities “just for myself” is enjoyable and uplifting.

Erin Holliday

Sapphire Beach

Having experienced back and neck pain for over 12 months, I was recommended by both my chiropractor and a relative to join a pilates class. From the moment I contacted Lauren she has been nothing but helpful, friendly and sensitive to my condition. I highly recommend Coastal Pilates & Fitness to anyone that is considering it!

Robert Shone

Coffs Harbour

Hi Lauren. Just to let you know what a benefit Pilates has been for me. After 2 days of fairly hard skiing I wasn’t sore anywhere. In 43 years of skiing that is a first. Thank you.

Zillah Hawley


Coastal Pilates & Fitness is the most rewarding and fun fitness experience I have ever had.  I feel fit and strong and great!

Jenni & Graham Croot


For over three months we have thoroughly endured and enjoyed the rigors of a personal trainer. Lauren is the best anyone could have. This is a great activity for a husband and wife team. Thanks Lauren!

Margaret Webb


Since attending Coastal Pilates & Fitness Circuit classes I am no longer taking any blood pressure medication (under the supervision of my GP).  I have a lot more energy.  My body is more toned.  I am a much happier person.

Maureen Mattinson


I have participated in one class of Pilates and one class of Circuit Training a week and have noticed a huge improvement in my muscle tone, core strength and flexibility – the best it has ever been.  The more I participate in Pilates and Circuit the better I feel. I thoroughly recommend Coastal Pilates & Fitness studio.

Mark Sage


Before I started Pilates, I thought it was some ‘trendy’ new age exercise.  Having now attended classes for over two years,  I now understand Pilates is a thorough workout, exercising all my key muscle groups.   It has dramatically improved my flexibility and muscle tone.

Pam Franks


Since attending Lauren’s Senior’s Strength classes and Pilates regularly, I have noticed my body shape and tone change completely.  I did not set out to lose weight but have lost 16 Kilos over 12 months.  My new body has greatly improved my self esteem.