Personal Training is personal training just for you and working towards your own health and fitness goals, taking into consideration any injuries or health conditions you may be dealing with.

Your goals may be to lose body fat, to get out of pain, to deal with a health problem or to train for a specific sports event. You tell us what you need and we will work out your own customized program.  This program will most likely incorporate homework and even other forms of training not available at the studio.

A personal training session commences after an initial consultation.  An initial consultation includes reviewing your goals, a postural assessment, developing your tailored program and then commencing on this program.


Your personal training session goes for one hour.

The major benefit of personal training is that your trainer will keep you on track and accountable. You will also be educated along the way with safe yet effective ways to exercise.  Also, your training will be focused purely on your goals, rather than general goals in a class situation.

One of the main goals of Coastal Pilates & Fitness is to educate you so that one day you will be an independent and self-motivated exerciser.